Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tutu Flower

Fun tutu flowers. They are so poofy. Pair with a coordinating tutu or tutu dress.

Available in a variety of colors including pink, blue, green, yellow, black, white, multi colored, and more.

Comes with an alligator clip
$3 ea

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Garden Boutique Bow

Garden boutique bow. April showers bring may flowers. Warm brings you to the garden for fragrant flowers, and colorful foliage.

This large boutique bow measures approx 4 1/2" and comes with your choice of alligator or french clip.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Boutique Bow

Spring boutique bow. Got to love the colors of spring. Super girly and I love it. Pastel pink, floral print, ivory, and white... you can't get spell feminine any other way.

This large boutique bow measures 4 1/2" and comes with an alligator or french clip


GirlzStylin YouTube Channel

You can now find us on YouTube. Come on over to subscribe to our channel and view the latest designs, tutorials, and more.

GirlzStylin YouTube Channel

Monday, April 30, 2012

Duct Tape Clippies

Duct tape clippies. I love duct tape bows because it gives an edge to classic styles.

These measure 3 1/2" and come attached to an alligator clip

Available in prints shown and solid colors - white, yellow, purple, aqua, neon green, hot pink, black. Other colors available upon request.

$2.50 ea

Large Duct Tape Flower

Large duct tape flower. I love hair accessories and this is perfect. Not just for adults but teens as well.

Measuring in at 5" with a hair pin back and accented with a center rhinestone.

Available in a variety of colors and prints.

$5 ea

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rapunzel Inspired Spring Tutu Dress

Tangled was the inspiration for this spring dress. I was inspired by the classic purple and pink of Rapunzel's dress, the flowers that adorned her hair, her wedding to Flynn. What is even better about this dress is this will grow with your little girl and not just good for a few months in a particular size. With nearly 100 yards of tulle this is a very full dress.

24" from chest, fits chest size 12" - 24", white with purple and pink accent, sheer tulle sleeves, flower and rhinestone details over the entire dress, mock lace up front


 To order contact me via email at or via Facebook at I accept paypal, credit or debit card (via paypal processor), echeck (via paypal), or cash (local only). Please allow up to 2 weeks for production unless otherwise notified in writing. Price does not include shipping.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Suspender Tutu

I love tutus worn with leggings and t-shirts so why not go a step further and wear suspenders. Its fun! I had a great headband, the funky easter headband, that was used as the inspiration of this tutu so a matching set was born. While you see a matching set you do not need to order a matching set. You can order a suspender tutu in any color you wish (based on color availability)

Shown is a size 2 tutu with an 8" length

As shown with headband - $27
As shown without headband - $22

Can be custom ordered in your desired size. Contact me for a quote.

New Name and a Makeover

Fantasy Ribbon is moving and shaping in such a way that it was time for a new look and a new name. I am happy to announce Fantasy Ribbon is now GirlzStylin.

GirlzStylin offers so much more than hair accessories. We now offer in addition to hair accessories, tutus, tutu dresses, ribbon accessories, and coming soon to our product line are maternity sashes.

GirlzStylin encompasses all the style a girl wants. We will continue to offer great products, all handmade, that are as beautiful and unique as you.

GirlzStylin now has an etsy store at that will offer you current products available.

You can also shop at interact with us on Facebook at

For you tweeters you can find us on Twitter at

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fantasy Ribbon Tutu Dress

Leave behind the ordinary and welcome to extraordinary!

These beautiful dresses are perfect choices for holidays and special occasions. This makes a beautiful birthday, Easter, Christening/Baptism, or flower girl dress. Imagine your daughter wearing this dress in a vibrant pink for their sweet sixteen. Need a dress for those family pictures? This is your dress!.If you can imagine an occasion I can make a dress to match it.

This dress ties at the waist with a pretty satin sash. Order your dress with or without shoulder straps for the look you prefer.

Our dresses come in 3 basic lengths:

  Party Length - fall just above the knee
  Tea Length - falls just below the knee
  Full Length - falls at the ankle

All measurements are the length from just under the arm pits to where you prefer your dress to fall - party, tea, or full. Measurement for the chest is also taken at around the body just under the arm pits where the top of the dress will fit.

 Don't forget to order your matching hair bow or hair accessory!

Visit us on Facebook at or send me an email at to order your dress.

***specialty, costume, or custom dresses prices may differ from sizing and price chart above. Be sure to contact Fantasy Ribbon at for your personal quote on a specialty, costume, or custom tutu dress.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easter Bunny Clippie

Hippity hop, hippity hop, the Easter bunny is on his way!

With eggs dyed, baskets ready, and dresses cleaned, add this little guy to make everything perfect!

Soft satin, approx 2 1/2" tall, your choice of colors (based on availability) comes with attached lined alligator clip (shown with clip in model picture below). A sparkly rhinestone tops is off giving it that something special

$2.50 ea

Extravagant 4th of July Bow

I packed that into this over the top, extravagant, bow with all the red white and blue, sparkle, and fluffy marabou, we love. It has fun korker ribbon, elegant sheer ribbon ribbon, and all the goodies to make this a must have for that 4th of July get together.

5" and your choice of alligator or french clip


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 in 1 Easter Bow

Three bows in 1! Its a bow. Its a clippie.

The center easter bunny is removable creating multiple looks.

Wear the bow, wear the clippie, or wear it together. Wear it any way you wish. The rhinestone details give it that extra pop.

The bow itself measures 4" wide. The center removable clippie measures 2.5" tall. The bow comes with your choice of alligator or french clip.


Rock Princess

Let me say I LOVE this bow. It came out even better than I hoped. Bold, rich colors make a statement with this bow

5" and your choice of clip: alligator or french


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tip: How to keep that beautiful bow shape

Have a bow with a beautiful shape that is so perfect you want to keep it?

It is so easy to keep that shape!

Take a small empty spray bottle (can find these in the trial size and travel section of your local store) and mix liquid starch and water 50/50. Give your bow a little spray and let dry.  Do not over spray as this can make those bright colors dull and give shiny fabrics and glitters a filmy, dull look. This is also a handy tip for those who need to clean those pretty bows because of that oops.

Premade spray starches that you purchase at the store in aerosol cans are not the best of options because you have to spray a decent amount to get penetration into the fibers and make your bows dull.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duct Tape Boutique Bow

After searching high and low, through trial and error, I have designed the first and fabulous Duct Tape Boutique Bow!

Funky fun wrapped in duct tape cuteness is what you have when it is all over.

These are approximately 5 1/2" wide

The best part is they do not stain so they will wipe clean and they do not lose their shape so no need to give the occasional starch spritz

These work best when ordered with a french clip (small or large) but can be ordered with an alligator clip if you prefer.

The size is great for teens and adults but it works for young girls too.

Here is my 2yr old niece wearing the Pink Hello Kitty Duct Tape Boutique Bow on her ponytail. However, it does look larger in the picture than it really is. She moves a lot so getting a proper picture will have to come later when she can sit still.

Here is my almost 5yr old niece wearing the Colored Polka Dots Duct Tape Boutique Bow. Better at showing size comparison although in real life is a tad smaller.

The current colors and prints I have in stock are: pink hello kitty, colored polka dot, white, and black. Can be ordered as seen above or any combination of 2 available colors. More colors will be available soon.

Order yours for only $6 ea

Visit us at to order yours

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ocean Breeze

Not too big and not too small so it is just right. Nice and full but not as dramatic as a boutique bow and not as flat as a pinwheel.

3.5" bow attached to alligator or french clip


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Silk Flower clips

Simple and pretty is just what the mood calls for from time to time. These are perfect for everyone. These are lightweight so even infants are comfortable wearing one.

3" silk flower, large rhinestone center and attached to alligator clip

Available in white w/ black polka dot, hot pink w/white polka dot, black w/white polka dot, blue w/ white polka dot, white w/red hearts, red w/ pink hearts. You can also choose to combine colors for a triple layered silk flower that is just right for you.

$2 ea

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chocolate and teal boutique bow

I love large bows! These are perfect for ponytails and buns. They make a statement and just look plain fabulous!

Large 5"stacked boutique bow, ribbon rose center, attached to alligator clip or french clip


Friday, February 10, 2012

Simple St Patrick Day boutique bow

Don't be caught without your green this year or you may get pinched!

This is a great size to wear alone or double up for ponytails.

3.5" stacked boutique bow, handmade clay center, rhinestone detail, can be attached to an alligator clip or french clip


Duct tape rose pen tutorial

I not only make bows and hair accessories but I love having side hobbies. One of them is duct tape projects. My favorite is duct tape roses. They are fun and super cute.

Here is my tutorial on duct tape rose pens

1) To begin you will need a roll of duct tape in your choice of color or pattern, scissors, a pen, and a ruler 

2) Cut a 3" length of duct tape. You want a minimum of 10 cut pieces for a full rose. You can use more petals depending on the fullness of your rose but I find that 10 gives me a nice full open rose. 5 petals give me more of a barely open rose bud.

3) To create your petal, with adhesive side up bring one corner up leaving 1/4"-1/2" strip of adhesive showing

4) Bring the the other bottom corner up so the edges meet giving a triangle shape. If the edges do not exactly meet don't worry. Just be sure you have a strip of the adhesive side showing. Do this will all remaining petals.

5) You can leave the pointed tip of cut the top to give a curved shape. This is all about preference. I prefer the curved edge but the pointed edge is a neat effect.

6) Take 1 completed duct tape petal and wrap around the pen cap (can place on then pen end or even a pencil if you prefer) about half way down the cap keeping the bottom edge aligned.

7) This is how the first petal should look once completely wrapped. Make sure you rub the bottom edge of your petal to be sure it is well adhered and do so after each petal is placed to get the best adhesion as possible

8) Using the back center of the first petal start your second, begin to pleat your petal as you wrap. I place a pleat about every 1/4" or so.

9) Pleating will cause the petals to flare out a bit. You want this for a more natural looking rose. You can wrap your petals without pleating but this will not give you a natural looking flower shape. Again this is all about preference here.

10) After 3 petals your rose should look like this

11) This is how my pleats look 

12) And after 4 petals your rose truly begins to take shape and look like a rose

13) After all 10 petals your rose is completed

Make a few of these to keep in a small vase or jar. Makes for a nice decoration as well as being useful to keep those pens handy whenever needed. You can even make this without a pen and place on a barrette to wear in your hair.

*This are my personal pictures and my own step by step tutorial. DO NOT use instructions or pictures without express written permission.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Pinwheel Bow

For Valentines day or any day of the year. Its too cute to only wear one day a year.

3.5" pinwheel bow with rhinestone detail. Alligator or french clip can be attached.


Large Satin Flower

Can be worn by girls of all ages. Simple yet sophisticated look

4", rhinestone center, attached alligator clip


Black and White Boutique Bow

Approx 5.5", fabric stiffener applied to keep its beautiful shape, alligator or french clip will be attached


Streamer Bow

Long, flowy, super cute, and fun

Approx 17" long with attached french clip